No One Told Me!

My few posts about have been all emotional and what not, so I thought it'd be fun to post about weird things about pregnancy that NO ONE told me about! Future mamas, this is for you ;) 

-No one told me that your sense of smell is 1,000,000 times more powerful during your 1st trimester! I swear, police should hire pregnant women on the force since we can smell anything + everything from FAR away.

-No one told me the power of cravings. I knew pregnancy came hand in hand with cravings but I did NOT know you could suddenly sob and want to punch someone at the same time till you got that craving satisfied. 

-No one told me that the fatigue is insanely real. One time, I fell asleep outside on a bench during a sunny day like a little, old lady while Zach was talking to me!

-No one told me that your VERY first sonogram is NOT on your belly.. Ladies. Mentally prepare yourselves for a large stick inserted...

-No one told me what to do next after finding out you're pregnant. I literally called Kaiser and said, "Hi, I took 2 pregnancy tests and I got a positive sign. Um, what do I do next?" 

-No one told me that you notice other pregnant women EVERYWHERE. And it's always so exciting!

-No one told me how annoying everyone's opinions/comments will be. I think I might scream at the next person who tells me "Birth is going to difficult for you because you're so small!" or "You better get all the sleep now!" Ugh.

-No one told me that you. Will. Cry. About Everything. Especially food. I can't tell you how many times I've cried saying, "But I don't know what I want to eat so YOU pick!" *Zach made a suggestion* "EW NO, NOT THAT, WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT"

-No one told me how DRY your eyes get. Contacts were my enemy :(

-No one told me that your gums bleed a lot. Like literally every time you brush your teeth! 

Maybe some of you moms already knew these ahead of time but I for sure did not! The things that happen to our bodies are seriously so random/weird but I will for sure miss it all once Hendrix is out!