Baby's First Woodstock

I can't believe I haven't gotten around to blogging my baby shower, WHAT! It was way back in December and our life barely hit a slow pace recently, so here I am catching up on little things before H gets here! Let me start off by saying planning your OWN shower is literally no joke. I make my life 10 times more difficult than it needs to be because, control freak problems. I wanted a Woodstock/campy theme and I knew I was the only one who knew enough about that style + music so it had to be done PERFECTLY. (Again, control freak problems) I had a few lady friends help out and I'm SO thankful for their help but I think next time, I'll let them completely take over ;) My shower was December 10th, the SAME day we were moving. So in the middle of sorting through decor and running errands, my AMAZING husband, father in law, and friends were moving everything. So so so thankful for them.

INSPIRATION: I OBVIOUSLY had to have a shower that went his name but not overdue it. I stated in my earlier posts that I actually hate themes because they get too blown up. And that. Is. Stressful. I also don't like cheesy decor or games so I thought long and hard about unique details/activites I wanted. I decided to go with lots of indigo/tie dye, wicker, and a kombucha bar (because mama can't have the real stuff), and some of my favorite song lyrics hung around with the perfect Woodstocky font. I tried to not rely too much on Pinterest actually and looked more into real photographs and style magazines from the 1960-70s which was really fun! I also didn't want traditional chairs + tables either; I had a diverse group of people attending so something more intimate and comfortable was important to me for the guests to feel. I had some furniture rented through Antiquity Design and some stuff was also from our own house. 

FLORALS: I wanted more dried/natural looking things. Hands down to my florist, Olive + Blooms, for nailing my floral vision, including a guitar piece that sprouted assorted flowers and the cute peace sign wreath that's placed on the gift teepee! 

DECOR: Wicker, lyrics, and old things. I have WAY too much wicker at home so I was able to use it! The lyrics were handmade by one of my good friends. I specifically asked her for a bubbly font that looked like a concert poster from the 1960s. I chose the songs Simple Man- Lynyrd Skynyrd, Take a Walk on the Wild Side- Lou Reed, and It's Only Rock N Roll- The Rolling Stones. (I know, I'm the worst for not picking a Jimi Hendrix song) My other friend also handmade a wooden sign that said "Groovy Way" and "Free Hugs", similar to an actual sign that I saw was used at Woodstock.

FOOD, DRINKS, GAMES: My shower started at 4pm and I knew it wouldn't last ALL night long so I stuck to finger foods since it was an awkward time to eat a full meal. I had a kombucha bar from my favorite place in Orange County, Farm and Culture, where they gather their sources from local suppliers so it tastes THAT fresh and natural. (I can't even have bottled kombucha from the stores anymore, officially spoiled!) I don't drink soda so this was a funky drink to have! Also, a ton of guests have never tried or even heard of kombucha so it was really fun to see them give it a try! Lastly, the games we played were "Guess that Lullaby" which was a game Zach and I accidentally made up with our friends! We were all hanging out one night and for some reason, we wanted to listen to classic rock lullabies on Spotify. (THEY ARE SO CUTE) I kept asking Zach to guess which song was playing since it sounds drastically different changed as a lullaby. He was pretty quick to guess the right answer which made me REALLY competitive. We ended up playing each other and it was so much fun! I decided to have that game played at my shower! I also had guests play "Mom or Dad?", where they were asked questions about me and Zach and they all had to guess if it's mom or dad! (or BOTH!)

There you have it, folks. I wouldn't have changed anything about that day (except maybe moving!) and I'm so thankful for my friends and vendors who made my shower dreams come true!