Work work work work work

*hope ya sang that in a Rihanna voice ^^^*


This is the hot topic everyone has been wanting to ask about lately! When Zach had to go back to work in September, I was losing my ish during the first few weeks, trying to figure out how to work from home while raising a human and being a homemaker. I think I figured out some ways that have been helping me but before I get started, I want to state that whether you're a full time working mama that has to leave the babes off with a nanny/daycare is no less or more than a mama that "just" stays at home. (We are all MOTHERS at the end of the day and do what's best for our families) If you're in the weird in between where you own/manage a business full time AND stays at home, this is for YOU.

"So can't you just work during nap time?" If only I had enough eyeballs to roll whenever I hear this. Let me breakdown a typical day with my sweet Hendrix:

5/6am: Wakes up to nurse, falls back asleep after 10 min of eating. I choose to stay up this extra time to stretch, relax, and even read/do devotions

7/8am: Wakes up for the day. I make us both breakfast and we eat together. I put him in his bouncer or the ground to play while I scramble to clean up the kitchen so I'm not left with a mountain of dishes. By the time I'm done cleaning up, he's already bored and wants to be entertained with me so I'll take him outside, go to the neighbors to play, etc.

9:30am: Ready for morning nap! During this time, I shower, do my hair/make up, answer emails

10:30am: He's awake again! I make lunch, take him to run errands with me, clean, it just depends on the day. Point is, I'm always on the move with him!

12pm: Afternoon nap for him, lunch time and dinner prep for mama! Answer more emails if clients have responded quickly, sit down for a bit to relax, laundry because #momlife. 

2pm: Wakes up and STAYS awake until bedtime which is 7pm! Zach gets home around 3:45/4pm so during that time, we play and read some more. 

So basically, I've mastered cleaning/cooking with a baby but no time to edit because it's such a process I take very seriously and can't give it half my energy. I've learned that it's not fair to Hendrix AND my job/clients to give only half my effort and that's what happens when I try to work from home during the day. So after a few meltdowns, pep talks from my hubby, and talks with other mamas who are in the same exact season as me, I've been trying a new routine that seems to be helping so far! Here we go:

Organize + choose when you want to work: Scheduling coffee dates, dinner dates, Bible studies, social gatherings, etc. ahead of time helps you pick and choose when you'll devote time to home stuff and work. Before, I was just planning on working whenever I had time and would get annoyed if Hendrix woke up early from a nap or was having a rough day. Picking a day/time has helped so much because I don't have to go to bed worried if I'm even going to get work done the next day! So far, my new schedule goes like this: Mondays and Tuesdays are for cleaning, Wednesdays are work days! When Zach gets home after work, I leave the house to edit for a few hours without the fear of dishes not being washed or an angry baby waking up! Thursdays are normally for social time with friends and Fridays are date nights with hubby! (or a photo shoot, sorry Zach!)

Communicate your upcoming week with your spouse/partner: This kind of piggy backs into what's written above! When I plan my week, I communicate with Zach to make sure he doesn't have to do work the day I need to work. Doing this ahead of time truly makes you work as a team and makes the week SO much smoother!

Ask for help: We thought about hiring a sitter weekly to help me catch up on work bit at a time so I'm not flooded with tons of weddings/shoots at once but we don't have the finances for that during this season. I've gotten really good at asking Zach for help if I need to meet a certain deadline and he's so quick to help because guess what? He is the father of our child who craves time alone with him too, he's not just the sitter! Thank God for husbands. I'm still working on asking close friends for help but hey, I'm getting there ;)

Keep clients in the loop: Before babe, my turnaround time during busy season was a few weeks! Now it's a few MONTHS because I pretty much have one day a week to focus fully on work. Clients have been extremely understanding! YAY!

Learn to multitask: This is a skill I've always had, luckily! Zach called me a machine the other day when we were all home- I had dinner cooking on a low heat on the stove while I was feeding Hendrix. In between those spoonfuls of mush, I ran out to the garage to switch over laundry. You CAN learn and do multiple things at once, the trick is figuring out which tasks you can do during that blended time that won't overwhelm you!


I LOVE being able to work my dream job and love being a mama even more so being able to do both is a real win! Do you guys have any tips for working/SAH mamas that I might've missed? Share with me! Xoxo


Photos courtesy of Whitney Darling, modeling for Intrinsic Flair <3