Baby Metz

I thought I would share our story and what I've learned so far as a mama-to-be, so prepare yourself for lots of feelings, honesty, and highs/lows of pregnancy! 

If you were to ask me exactly a year ago if I wanted kids soon, I would LAUGH and immediately talk about how even the thought of having kids stressed me out. Zach has been ready since a year and a half ago but I sure was NOT ready to give up my freedom. He was fine with us waiting for another few years or until I decided I was ready. (We also had plans to adopt our first) I LOVED how flexible my schedule was last year with photography- I could spontaneously drive anywhere with other photographer friends and just felt so creatively FREE, something I had never truly felt before. I wanted to be selfish with my job and my identity- I didn't want to lose myself to become "just another mom" who happens to take cool Instagram photos. 

Coming up at the end of May, I remember hanging out with a friend and I felt really tired. Like REALLY tired.. To the point where I couldn't even drive. I was passing by Target and decided to stop by because WHAT IF I WAS PREGNANT. I already knew mother nature was late late. As I was frantically looking for the lady aisle, I was passing by all of the Fathers Day merchandise. C'MON. That was totally a sign already. I found the tests I needed, immediately felt anxious, and took that dang test in the Target bathroom because I was shaking too much to drive home. Guess what? I couldn't tell what the test said.. TRUE LIFE. (I don't know how to adult 90% of the time) It looked like it could be a faint yes but also an unsure no? I couldn't stand being inside Target anymore, I just wanted to be home before Zach got off work! Before I left, I bought a cute little bag that said "I love Dad" on it JUST IN CASE that maybe test was a for sure test. I drove home, took another test and it was a clear positive. Guess how I felt especially after reading the beginning of this? I cried. BUT SO MANY HAPPY TEARS. The first thought was, "You got this". And seeing how naturally peaceful I felt helped me know that this was God's plan and my identity/confidence is always in Him. 

I waited half an hour (which felt like 5 weeks!!) for Zach to get home where I had the tests inside the bag, propped up at the edge of the bed. He walked in and was SO confused! He thought it had dog toys inside for Lucy because our little pug is definitely our baby. He opened up the bag and whispered an "Are you serious?..." and started laughing and crying! We both just hugged there and cried. And cried. We called the hospital, heard his heartbeat the day after Father's Day, and here we are.


I had MANY insecurities and fears going into pregnancy- I did NOT want to deal with all the throwing up, sleeping all day, nausea and then the third trimester effects: Swollen feet, heartburn, etc. What I'm about to say isn't to make all you ladies hate me BUT I have not had ANY of those side effects besides mild nausea at 8-10 weeks. I don't know how I dodged all of that and if I did, I would most definitely share my secrets! I will say though... I had a strict gym routine and ate pretty healthy pre-pregnancy and my doctor encouraged me to keep that up during pregnancy. I'm pretty sure staying active and eating as healthy as I could (let's be honest, doughnuts > kale) helped things go smoothly so far. I start off every morning and I mean, EVERY morning, with yoga and stretching. (Stretching helps with nasty Charlie horses, btw!) The more my belly grew, the more proud I was of my body and what it's able to do with a real life baby inside. Zach tells me I look like a goddess when I do a handstand or backbend 36 weeks pregnant. AND THAT MAKES MAMA FEEL REAL GOOD. ;) 

36 weeks and still feelin' AWESOME.