I was in my sophomore college year, sitting on the floor of the photo lab feeling frustrated. I failed. I LITERALLY failed my film photography class. I will never forget those feelings I had in that moment- so defeated. The only thing I was possibly good at, ended up slapping me in the face. My loving fiance at the time (now my full time husband + cheerleader) pushed me to keep trying. He reminded me how much I love it and how I needed to push through. I always had a hard time finding my identity when I was younger but photography made me feel like MYSELF. I couldn't pass it up and I refused to let a grade define my passion. I tried and tried and tried and tried and even to this day, I am still trying because I will never let doubt and comparison rob the joy I get in taking photos. For me, it comes natural and that's all I need. 

A normal photo shoot/wedding day will look like this: Me pushing you out of your comfort zone in the most comfortable way possible. I want to document YOUR story using MY art. The real me is a spunky gal with messy hair, sportin' a camera and capturing the real you, whether that is a walk through the woods, swimming in the blue ocean, chasing the desert sunset, or getting lost downtown. You tell me and I'll do it.

Photo Credit: Chuy Photos